Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Broken Way

This particular picture, it speaks as a trumpet to the silence for me.
Things may look broken, the pathway crumbling and the foundation possibly unable to hold the weight of that which passes; but possibility holds the chance of success. For with care in their steps, one could still proceed, with gentle whispers one could still cross safely.
With wisdom and courage, we can cross the hard times and find ourselves upon the dock, ready to be picked up by the vessel of change that will carry us over calm and even treacherous waters, the ship of change will carry us wherever we choose to go.
But first, we must reach the dock, the point where the vessel of change can reach us; away from the shore, away from the comfort we are surrounded by. Embrace the pain, embrace the suffering, take a step upon the broken and find your way to the ship.

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