Sunday, January 21, 2018

I Will Travel Rested Now

A roaring traveller. That has been me for far too many seasons.
A crazed, overdriven, tight rope walking maniac, knowing that much was at my fingertips, yet madly unable to feel it regardless of the pressure or the pushing I applied.

No matter where I looked, no mirror could reflect the me I knew to be inside, thick dense shadow marred the view, skewed the reflection. I was lost in suffering and sorrow.

That same mirror gave tragic distinction to the image of God as well, what I have been told about his nature is the wrong shape for the hole he has in his hands and his heart. He is more than they say, he cannot be who they claim...

I walked the paths before me, I explored the caves below me.
I even climbed the heights that I may soar the skies above me.
And yet, I have been unable to find that which I searched for:
Me, the me beyond the veil... him, the God behind the stories.
I roar in frustration, for when will I find that which I seek?

Let fear find me; for I will face it with desperation, it is time to know my truths.
Let pain rain down; I will embrace it, it is time to understand my every place.
Let lack be released; I will invite it, for the lower I lay, the higher I have to rise.
I am ready, not to be transformed, but to be unveiled; the layers to be removed, layers that only reflect shadows. The haze found in fire, fire that burns images that hold heaviness of lies and lack endless love.

I journey towards IDENTITY, of my maker and my self.
His heartbeat is a song that I once knew; I will learn the tune again, and I will sing in my own voice.
His face a taste of kindness; I will discover how sweet.
His hands a blanket I am warmed by; I will allow Love to hold me, and share love in my own stitches.
I will find me... as I find him.

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  1. Oh so beautiful! So incredibly proud of you, and wonderfully inspired by you. ❤️