Sunday, October 29, 2017

Life Does Not Fear Death

We have a choice as to how our sufferings are used,
will they define us or refine us?

Our pain can become a transforming organic material used to graft us into new life,
it can be used to create a rich bed for our seeds to grow... or,
our pain can further bury us in the darkness we face, becoming a snare that binds us in sorrows and halts us from becoming who we, we become trapped deep underneath our suffering.

Suffering may be feared as an enemy of this life...
let us be reminded, the life that rises from the ash is far greater in strength and more ferocious than sorrow we face.
Life does not fear death; it welcomes it.

Yet something we forget far too often,
which allows fear to enter our mind and suffering to show its shadow larger than its bite...
We do not venture in our sufferings alone,
our pain is not felt only by our secret places...

Alongside us walks a gentle companion who bears all that we do.
We are not travellers abandoned to journey alone.
We are embraced, comforted, joined, and enjoyed along the journey we embark upon.

Papa God, The Mystery; he walks with us... Earth mother hears and she comforts us.

I choose for today to embrace my pain knowing it will heal me,
the sour death I taste will bring me life, will ferment into a fine wine.
I walk not alone, but surrounded; I am held, safe.

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