Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Harbour

"Let down your sail, and anchor within the safety of the harbour."

There may be a storm inside, it may feel as though everything is raging and your ship may soon be found at the bottom of the sea. Destruction surrounds, the great swells of life are ready to swallow you, their powers feel greater than you.

It is a signal to look for the lighthouse and find your way to shore,
it is a signal to find the safety of the harbour.

We can't always run from the chaos, sailing away forever is not possible on the seas of life. There is a time we must learn to let down the sail, throw the anchor overboard, and wait for the calm waters; we must be alone in the boat with our own breath, our own thoughts, our own suffering.

When the heart is overwhelmed with anger and sorrow, confusion and illusion, the sea around us will rage, our trouble fierce in magnitude. If we cannot let go of control and face our darkness, if we cannot embrace our pain and allow the sufferings of life to heal and nourish us; they will instead destroy us. The storm will still rage, our boat will break, our sails will tear.

If we do not find our way to rest, towards the light that leads to the harbour where our sails will safely lower and our anchor firmly fall, then we may find ourselves lost at sea, or perhaps, our ship badly damaged and sunk to the bottom of the deep.

Let us embrace our suffering, facing it with courage.
Let us settle in the harbour and spend time with the Lighthouse; that the light of LOVE would not only lead us to the shore, but shine truth upon our darkness and lead us to peace within, lead us to calm waters.

Let us remain anchored in the weight of this one deep truth, that we ARE NOT ALONE.
We are held safe in the hands of Papa no matter the suffering storm that rages around us.

Let down your sail, and anchor within the safety of the harbour.

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