Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Heart Leads

There is a calling and a challenge, a hope that all travellers will hear upon their trail.
This call will sound off and ring true in the deep places that lay dormant within,
awakening ones true self from slumber.

The way to find all that you seek is to wander where your heart will lead.
Your pain cannot lead... your sorrow cannot navigate.
Only your heart, which in its wisdom will use pain and sorrow not for its direction, but for its fuel.

You must listen to the heart as it ushers you through suffering.
You must agree with your feet as they tread through the pain of memory's past.
For if you do, there will be rest from the weariness, solace in the searching, truth in the reflection.

Relax, Enter, Surrender, and Trust the journey... REST in the places the heart leads you to.
Follow the call, awaken from sleep, rest in what you journey in.

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